Wednesday, January 30, 2008

amarican idol

We are waching amarican idol and there in florida and there are lots of good singers
Then there were these pepole that like simon ugh!!
Then ther were suckish pepole of corse!!

mr. rocker braedy

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Baub said...

Hi Braedy,
I love your blog. The pictures of Luke were so cool. I wish I had a dog like him. He was so much like Dutchess.
Nana and I watched American idol too. Maybe you should try out for it! I hear you are very good playing the piano. Maybe I can hear you this summer.

We were out shopping this cold. I think we should move to warmer Mo.

say hi to your good looking brothers. when I'm on line, I will check your blog.
miss you,
Barb.....Baub or Bob or whatever :)